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Purple Glitter Fairy with Extra Gold Glitter - For Use On All Pages of Website - 2015Below you will find all titles of my works, with the exception of my children’s books (click here to view titles), that are available for sale, coming soon, or under development. The titles that are coming soon will be available for purchase by 2015 while those under development have much later release dates. To view a listing of the literary portals where you can purchase Cake Tales: 10 Deliriously Delicious Stories of the Surreal, (Click Here) and you will be directed to a PDF file featuring links to my book’s sales pages (all links contained within the document are alive and well, so just click and buy.) You can also click on the book’s cover below to buy it via Thank you for your purchase!

(All book covers were designed by the author, Ms. Gwendolen McCloud, and are protected by national and international copyright.)

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Cake Tales - Official Book Cover - Version for Website with Glitter Top and Bottom BarsTo the Reader:

It is with great joy that I offer forth these Cake Tales, inspired by a healthy appetite for the edible. From the Lemon Chiffon Cake to the Pineapple Upside Down Cake to the Chocolate Cake which reigns supreme, all are paid homage to in these tales; some formed utilizing the method of personification, all infused with a generous portion of the fantastic. Therefore, delight in these tales as you curl up for a deliriously satisfying dose of these divine desserts, all with their own unique story to tell from a very surreal perspective. As food is used to nourish our bodies, spirits, and memories, hopefully this book will nourish your imagination and allow you, The Reader, to travel to a realm where you might not have dared venture. So, a champagne toast to the art of storytelling, and to your imagination…Bon Appétit!

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Caio - Revised Book Cover - 3 - 2015 The Mountain of Chinese Lanterns
The Surreal Carnival - Volume I The Surreal Carnival - Volume II
Blood In My Pen Passages - A Journey In Words
Poetry Proving Evidence of Life Motivational Book - Vol. I - 2015
Motivational Book - Vol. 2 - 2015 Motivational Book - Vol. 3 - 2015
Motivational Book - Vol. 4 - 2015 Motivational Book - Vol. 5 - 2015

Titles Under Development – Click on Book Cover to Enlarge

Chocolate Tales - Official Book Cover Strawberry Tales
Vanilla Tales Jazz Tales
Commuter Tales - Volume I (new version - 2015) Ghosts of the Black Sands
The Quiltmaker Plenty
Lizards Strange Fruit
Black Dirt  Secretes of the Garden - Official Book Cover

Future Publications – Click on Book Cover to Enlarge

Musical InstrumentsGod Book I - Cover

Edible Erotica - Volume I Edible Erotica - Volume II
Edible Erotica - Volume III Edible Erotica - Volume IV
 Tea Tales  Spice Tales
 Coffee Tales  Flowers
 Water  Universe Stories
 Universe Stories - Vol. 2  Universe Stories - Vol. 3
 Crime & Mystery - Vol. 1  Crime & Mystery - Vol. 2
 Crime & Mystery - Vol. 3  Fire & Ice Stories
 Fire Stories  Ice Stories
 Art of Creative Writing  Public Speaking
 Start a Home-Based Business  Free Money for College
Commuter Tales - Vol. 2 Commuter Tales - Vol. 3
Move - Volume I Move - Volume II
Move III Weeds
Elements - Lightning - Vol. I Elements - Sunshine - Vol. 2
Elements - Cloud - Vol. 3 Living Things - Angels
Living Things - Ghosts Bread Book Cover - 2015
Musical Instruments God Book I - Cover
God Book II - Cover God Book III - Cover