Opening the Door

Purple Glitter Fairy with Extra Gold Glitter - For Use On All Pages of Website - 2015My earliest memory of tapping into the power of imagination occurred when I was just five years-old. There right above my bed on the wall of the bedroom I shared with my two sisters, hung the pictures of three kittens. The pictures were oversized and the texture very tactile as the paint the artist used was extremely coarse.

One day, my mother happened to be in the room and I asked her if I could pet the middle kitten. She explained that it wasn’t a real kitten and that I would just be petting paint, then she chuckled. I was very confused because as far as I could see, the kitten was real. So, I decided to do my own investigation. I waited for my mother to leave the room, then I proceeded to push a chair over to the wall in order to reach the picture. Once I was high enough, I lifted the picture off the wall in order to gain access to the kitten I was convinced lived behind it. After thoroughly inspecting the backside of the picture, I returned it to its original placement, climbed down the chair, and stood back. I then continued looking at the picture, and clearly recalled my final assessment…”Yep, it is real.” From that day forward, I would wait until my mother would leave the room so I could pet the kitten. And so the journey began…