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Purple Glitter Fairy with Extra Gold Glitter - For Use On All Pages of Website - 2015What writer doesn’t like to express him or herself? Now you can do so via my t-shirts and other products.

My literary product line features several popular slogans (see below) that you’ll be proud to display both as a reader and writer. T-shirts range in color from pink and yellow to blue and gray, with the other products coming in great variety of color and type as well. The prices are right, and the products are of high quality, with styles appropriate for men, women, girls, and boys – the whole family and all your friends are covered by our selection. Simply click on the “Buy Now!” button below, and a new tab will open to my on-line store. Shop for yourself or someone you love…each product makes a great gift. Enjoy!!

Slogans to Select From:

I Write Funny Stuff I Write Dramatic Stuff
I’m a Writer, and My Characters are so Full of Drama Kiss Me, I’m a Writer!
Hug Me, I’m a Writer! Kiss Me, I’m a Reader!
Hug Me, I’m a Reader! Readers are Leaders!
Reading is Sexy Write the Vision, Make it Plain
Write On! Writers are Lovers
Libraries are Cool! Books Rule!
Books are My World  Books Make the World Go ‘Round
Writers Make Great Lovers Writers are Great Kissers
Writers Rule!